The Aerospace Committee for Equality Launches Matching Donation Campaign for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Aerospace’s first ever employee matching donation campaign for DEI causes was a just the beginning of much more to come from the Aerospace Committee for Equality (ACE).
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ACE has a number of initiatives to accomplish the objectives of the DEI strategy. Among the first initiatives introduced was Aerospace’s matching donation campaign to support diversity, equity and inclusion causes – the first-ever campaign of this scale in the corporation’s history.

Through the month of September, Aerospace committed to matching employee donations dollar for dollar to approved causes, facilitated through its Aerospace Cares platform. Led by ACE’s Community Outreach focus area team, the matching donation campaign helped galvanize Aerospace’s nationwide workforce to support ACE’s continued efforts and other key initiatives.

Aerospace employees were able to choose from a vetted list of hundreds of great diversity, equity and inclusion causes. The events of 2020 have underscored the need for conversation, reflection and action to address systemic racial and social injustices at home and abroad. ACE is focusing on ways to leverage Aerospace’s financial and people resources to actively support our communities and vital causes that help improve the lives of people of color and women, fight for guaranteed Constitutional protections and work toward a better society for all.

Aerospace’s culture of giving is well-established and dynamic, and we will continue to explore all opportunities to give back to our communities to ensure a brighter, sustainable and equitable future for everyone.