What We Do

In an era of dynamic change in space, Aerospace is addressing a generation of complex challenges. We operate the only federally funded research and development center (FFRDC) committed exclusively to the space enterprise. Our technical experts span every discipline of space-related science and engineering.
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Delivering Mission Success Across the Space Enterprise

Aerospace is dedicated to delivering mission success from an enterprise perspective, supporting its government customers with continuous engagement and a unique perspective that spans across a broad range of mission areas.
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Bridging Connections Across the Space Enterprise

Aerospace is working across the space enterprise, partnering with national space agencies, commercial providers and international allies to identify end-to-end mission needs and to deliver innovative and integrated solutions at the speed of relevance.
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Shaping the Future of Space

Space exploration, development, and security are increasingly important elements of national policy and strategy. Aerospace is providing nonpartisan research and strategic analysis to decisionmakers, and advancing innovative technical solutions that will shape the future of space.
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Outpacing the Threat

In this dynamic era of change, the space enterprise must be positioned to anticipate and confront challenges with greater speed, innovation, and resiliency. Aerospace remains committed to applying its technical depth and domain breadth to help lead the transformation into a new paradigm.
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Driving Innovation

As the nation’s independent testing and research center for space systems, our more than 80 specialized laboratories test, analyze, and troubleshoot virtually every aspect of rocket and satellite systems.