Space Warfighter Initiative

The Aerospace Corporation established the Space Warfighter Initiative to provide an operative ecosystem for space warfighters, engineers, scientists, and technologists to advance innovative, agile, and relevant solutions for architectures and multi-domain integration to outpace threats.
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Space Warfighting in the Modern Era

The Space Warfighter Initiative (SWI) leverages Aerospace's decades of deep institutional technical expertise in developing a capability to analytically evaluate the tactical, operational and strategic levels of warfighting.

Why Digital Engineering Is Essential to the Future of Space

Aerospace is advancing the concepts, capabilities, and strategies that leverage an integrated digital approach, enabling opportunities to rethink what's possible when solving the hardest problems of the modern space enterprise.

The Space Warfighting Center

The Aerospace Corporation's Space Warfighting Center in Colorado Springs, Colo. will be the focal point for delivering technical expertise across the space enterprise to outpace threats to national security.​​​​​​​

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