The Space Warfighting Center

The Aerospace Corporation's Space Warfighting Center in Colorado Springs, Colo. will be the focal point for delivering technical expertise across the space enterprise to outpace threats to national security.​​​​​​​
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Aerospace Unveils $100 Million Space Warfighting Center in Colorado Springs

Aerospace unveiled its new Space Warfighting Center (SWC) at a ribbon-cutting celebration in Colorado Springs, Colo. The opening of this facility comes at a crucial time when the U.S. national security space infrastructure is at risk from adversarial threats like jamming or destruction of satellites.
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Learn More About Aerospace's Space Warfighting Center

The SWC is a $100 million state-of-the-art, 90,000-square-foot facility that provides a unique environment for leveraging cutting-edge digital tools to support Aerospace's government partners in developing advanced space warfighting concepts that enhance the resiliency and agility of the nation's space systems.

Space Warfighter Initiative

The Aerospace Corporation established the Space Warfighter Initiative to provide an operative ecosystem for space warfighters, engineers, scientists, and technologists to advance innovative, agile, and relevant solutions for architectures and multi-domain integration to outpace threats.
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