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Physics of War in Space Thumbnail

The Physics of Space War: How Orbital Dynamics Constrain Space-To-Space Engagements

What might a war in space look like? As the United States and the world discuss the possibility of conflict extending into space, it is important to have a general understanding of what is physically possible and practical.
Fragmented DOD

The Fragmentation of DOD: Changing Role of the Services and What It Means for the Space Force

The Space Force must establish itself in a military services landscape fraught with concern that the fragmentation of the DOD is occurring at the expense of the military services. What factors must Space Force leaders consider to successfully create their new military organization?
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Space Agenda 2021

Space exploration, development, and security are increasingly important elements of national policy and strategy. Inevitably, the presidential term starting in 2021 will include the need for many high-level decisions on space-related issues. The Aerospace Corporation has created a series of discussion papers—Space Agenda 2021—on topics that are already at the forefront, or are likely to emerge in the next few years. In addition to highlighting the issues, this series offers concise background, analyses, and options to aid government decisionmakers, industry leaders, journalists, students, and other parties interested in the future of U.S. space efforts.
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The Rise and Fall of Space Sanctuary in U.S. Policy

In the U.S. national security space policy debate, there has been a dichotomy between a “sanctuary” space policy and a “contested” space policy. How did sanctuary policy develop in the early Space Age and how was it replaced by a contested space policy?

The Missile Threat: A Taxonomy for Moving Beyond Ballistic

Today’s ballistic missile taxonomy is rooted in decades-old arms control definitions. How could a new, more comprehensive, taxonomy affect decisions for missile warning, missile defense, and broader strategic policy?
Quantum Key Distribution in Space

Quantum Key Distribution in Space

Quantum key distribution is on the cusp of becoming a game-changing technology. How does quantum key distribution work and why is it important?
Mapping Methane Super-Emitters in Oil and Gas Fields

Mapping Methane Super-Emitters in Oil and Gas Fields: A Tiered Remote Sensing Strategy

California has an opportunity to lead and become the first state to control greenhouse gas. What can be done to mitigate the sources of air pollution?
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From the Ground Up: Getting to Space with the Right Construction Project Delivery Type

When planning to build or renovate ground-based facilities, the project delivery type is an important element that needs to be considered. What is a project delivery type?
High Volume Production

Effects of High-Volume Production (HVP) on Space Systems

Due to the transformation that the space business is undergoing, satellite production could benefit from methodologies for mass production of reliable complex systems. How might they be used to produce very large satellite constellations?
Cislunar Stewardship

Cislunar Stewardship: Planning for Sustainability and International Cooperation

Significant work remains in characterizing new orbital environments, monitoring their evolving use, and determining appropriate sustainability practices. What can be done to advance cislunar stewardship?
Supply chain risk management

Managing the Future State of Supply Chain Risk

Threats from adversaries and natural disasters can disrupt supply chains, challenging organizations to respond effectively. To get ahead of a constantly shifting threat environment, how can organizations mature institutional collaboration to better manage the future state of supply chain risk?
Value of Space

The Value of Space

Space-based services have become fundamental to daily life, but there’s more going on in space than you may realize. How does our modern world rely on space?
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The Center for Space Policy and Strategy is dedicated to shaping the future by providing nonpartisan research and strategic analysis to decisionmakers. The CSPS is part of The Aerospace Corporation, a nonprofit organization that advises the government on complex space enterprise and systems engineering problems.

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The Center for Space Policy and Strategy provides nonpartisan research and strategic analysis to decision-makers in the space enterprise.
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