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Space is a dynamic environment, with rapidly growing opportunities and threats. The lines between the public and private sectors and between international collaborators and competitors are increasingly blurred. Navigating this complex domain requires experience and vision. We can help you steer the right course.
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Good Neighbors: How and When to Share Spectrum

With so many wireless technologies today — smartphones, autonomous vehicles, the internet of things — we rely on sufficient spectrum to provide efficient access for these devices and systems. What spectrum-sharing options can the U.S. government establish to maximize wireless technology?
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Space Policy Resources

The Center for Space Policy and Strategy has compiled an extensive collection of current and historical documents on U.S. and international space policy, law, and regulation. Many of these documents are difficult to find and previously had not been brought together in a single online source. We hope this serves as a useful resource for researchers, students, and anyone interested in the history and future of space exploration, development, and security.
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Center for Space Policy and Strategy

The Center for Space Policy and Strategy is dedicated to shaping the future by providing nonpartisan research and strategic analysis to decisionmakers. The CSPS is part of The Aerospace Corporation, a nonprofit organization that advises the government on complex space enterprise and systems engineering problems.

CSPS Speakers

The Center for Space Policy and Strategy is committed to advancing the discussion about national priorities in space. Our policy experts routinely present their research, analysis, and specialized insights at conferences and symposiums throughout the world. To book a speaker for your next event, please submit a request below.
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