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Aerospace Awarded Potential $621M Engineering Services Contract by NASA 

Aerospace has received a sole-source nine-year follow-on contract with a total potential value of $621 million from NASA, the company’s third-largest customer, to provide NASA-wide Specialized Engineering, Evaluation and Test Services (NSEETS).
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Could Your Phone Compromise National Security?

Imagine a world in which realtime Earth observations from satellites and related analytics are available globally on the handheld device of an average citizen. A new report by The Aerospace Corporation’s Center for Space Policy and Strategy (CSPS), The Future of Ubiquitous, Realtime Intelligence: A GEOINT Singularity, examines the ramifications of the GEOINT Singularity for the U.S. military. What would the availability of ubiquitous, realtime intelligence mean for the military operator and warfighter?
One of the AeroCube-10 cubesats undergoes testing in Aerospace's solar simulator laboratory in El Segundo, Calif. (Credit: The Aerospace Corporation)

AeroCube-10 Deployed to Enable Sustainable Space

To help accelerate the rapid development of new generations of technology, enhance satellite lifetimes, and better predict satellite reentry times, Aerospace designed AeroCube-10, a dual CubeSat mission that deployed into orbit today from the Cygnus resupply vehicle.
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Different Thoughts About the Future of National Security Space

Space is an area of utmost importance to everyone, yet it is a field dominated by a small group of experts, who themselves are divided on what is most important about space in achieving U.S. national security. Six schools of operational thought are presented here, which capture most of the ideas being advanced today in the debate about organizing national security space.
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Aerospace Grows in Albuquerque by 25 percent

Responding to the critical need to revitalize the nation’s nuclear deterrence and to outpace new threats against space assets, The Aerospace Corporation announced today at a ribbon cutting the expansion of its facilities in Albuquerque, N.M.
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About Aerospace

The Aerospace Corporation is a national nonprofit corporation that operates a federally funded research and development center and has more than 4,000 employees. With major locations in El Segundo, Calif., Albuquerque, N.M., Colorado Springs, Colo., and Washington, D.C., Aerospace addresses complex problems with agility, innovation, and objective technical leadership across the space enterprise and other areas of national significance.

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