Outpacing the Threat

In this dynamic era of change, the space enterprise must be positioned to anticipate and confront challenges with greater speed, innovation, and resiliency. Aerospace remains committed to applying its technical depth and domain breadth to help lead the transformation into a new paradigm.
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A view of Earth from space.

Continuous Production Agility: Adapting at the Speed of Relevance

Adaptability and resilience in national security space and related supply chains are a priority for the defense leaders. How can open standards, modularity, higher volume production, and a regular launch cadence meet that need?
Responding to Threat

Outpacing the Threat With an Agile Defense Space Enterprise

This is a critical moment for the United States in space. Potential adversaries are developing and fielding anti-satellite weapons and more effective military satellites, threatening U.S. security and interests. How can we transform our national security space enterprise into an architecture that can continuously outpace the adversary threat?

Aerospace's New State-of-the-Art Facility Dedicated to Space Warfighting

The Aerospace Corporation's second state-of-the-art R&D facility in Colorado Springs, Colo. will be the focal point for delivering technical expertise across the space enterprise to outpace threats to national security.

Proximity Operation With Interesting Implications

The AeroCube-10 dual CubeSat mission is packed with Aerospace-designed space experiments and technology demonstrations, including atmospheric probes, solar cell longevity tests, and a water thruster. An AC-10 CubeSat recently photographed its twin satellite from 22 meters away, demonstrating the type of technology that could enable inspection and servicing missions.
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Accelerating On-Orbit Cyber Defense for Spacecraft

Aerospace is advancing onboard machine learning functions for spacecraft as a means of providing expedited cybersecurity defenses to space systems.

Improving Space Domain Awareness With Prime Focus

Aerospace is advancing Space Domain Awareness capabilities with Prime Focus – a prototype automated SDA node.