@T2: Technology Transfer at Aerospace

Aerospace offers diverse technologies for licensing and technology transfer.
Technology Transfer at Aerospace


Aerospace offers diverse technologies for licensing. For qualified commercial companies, Aerospace may offer royalty-bearing exclusive or nonexclusive licenses, options, and low-fee evaluation licenses. Non-profits, FFRDCs, universities, government contractors working under federal contracts, and government agencies may qualify for royalty-free licenses.

  • Licensing is subject to federal regulations. Standard licensing terms include:
  • Reservation of government rights, if any
  • Reservation of rights for Aerospace's research and development mission
  • Preference for U.S. manufacturing
  • Preference for non-exclusive rights
  • Requirement for a business case for exclusive rights
  • Periodic utilization reporting
  • Export control
  • Conflicts of Interest mitigation

Our office is your doorway through Non-Disclosure Agreements, software releases and End-User Licenses, export control, and patent, know-how and copyright licensing.

Questions on Licensing? Contact us at ip@aero.org or 571-317-4499.

Atmospheric Glow image

NIRAC Camera Captures Atmospheric Glow

The Earth’s atmosphere is never completely dark. Even at night, the atmosphere gives off light because of chemical reactions that are taking place. This phenomenon, known as airglow, has inspired an Aerospace team to develop a camera to capture airglow effects and its stunning imagery.
quantum key distribution

Cryptography Using Quantum Physics

Aerospace is working to harness the peculiar features of quantum physics to establish secure optical links to orbiting spacecraft.
View of a spot on Earth from an orbiting satellite

A New Tool To Fight GPS Jammers

GPS jamming can drastically impact military and civilian life. A team from Aerospace’s Communication System Implementation Subdivision built a tool to counter jam the jammers.