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DiskSat: Think Outside the Box

DiskSat is an alternate approach to small satellite architecture in which the payload and bus are decoupled across the standard interface, and the payload is no longer volume constrained. This promises a variety of improvements such as shorter design, build, integration, and test schedules, all accompanied by lower costs.


Aerospace is Redefining the Future of Small Satellites

In response to growing interest in capable SmallSats, a team of engineers and scientists are thinking outside the (CubeSat) box with DiskSat, a new circular satellite design.
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DiskSat: A New Form Factor For Small Satellites

DiskSat is an alternate approach to smallsat containerization, providing the benefits—standardized launch interface, low launch costs, and simple mechanical design—with large aperture, surface areas that can be dedicated to large antennas or instruments that need exposure to space, and high power.

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