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Our Aerospace STEM team has developed resources for teaching space in the classroom including slide packages, video, student worksheets and lesson plans on a variety of topics.
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Robotics and Satellites Teaching Aids

Explore how CubeSats are programmed in these lesson plans for elementary and high school students!
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CubeSat Mission Brief Teaching Aids

In this two-part lesson plan, students will research human impacts on the planet and design a CubeSat to monitor a specific example. Throughout the project, key skills including critical thinking, communication, and collaboration will be used to understand the true value of space.

Falling Stars Teaching Aids

Learn about the lifecycle of satellites and the Falling Stars probes.

In this lesson plan, students discover how these satellites are affected by the orbit, velocity, altitude, and density of the atmosphere and how scientists and engineers work together using critical thinking, data, scientific modeling, and inquiry to engineer satellites.

Tardigrade Teaching Aids

Give your students an opportunity to play astrobiologist! In this lesson, they'll use the experimental science process to investigate the effect of temperature, hydration, or space vacuum on the mighty tardigrade.

Asteroid Hunters Teaching Aids

Give your students the opportunity to save the world with our downloadable lesson plan, slideshow and student handouts.
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Meet some of our employees and learn about what inspired them to pursure careers in STEM!
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Back to School Lesson Plans

Aerospace celebrated back to school by rewarding teachers who create lesson plans that inspire students to learn more about Space STEM.

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