The Aerospace Back to School Grant

Five winners have been selected to receive funding for their submitted STEM lesson plans.
STEM class with children


The Aerospace Corporation is committed to sharing our passion for the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines to inspire the next generation—shaping and securing the future of our nation. Aerospace is celebrating back to school by rewarding teachers who create lesson plans that inspire students to learn more about space STEM. Together with our STEM community partner and sponsor, the Aerospace Federal Credit Union, we are awarding teachers small classroom grants for up to $500 each for their lesson plans.

The application period has closed.

Check out the previously awarded lesson plans below.

Blue illustrated circuit board

Electricity, Electronics and Automation by Emily Watson

In this lesson plan, students will learn all about electricity, the operation of components and more. Using various hardware components, students will get hands-on experiences with microcontrollers and electromechanical devices.
Ground with sprout and illustrated icons

We Love Building Green by Dennis Hagen-Smith

Students will learn how architectural design intersects with global climate change to provide strategies to create energy-efficient structures. By designing buildings that reduce dependency upon nonrenewable energy sources, students will learn that individuals can have a direct impact on creating a more sustainable future.
Paper airplanes against a blue background

Model Airplanes by Emily Turner

Students will be able to follow instructions, identify the functions of materials and tools, and use their knowledge of engineering and design to build a model airplane using a STEAM kit. Students will engage in the engineering design process (define, ask, imagine, plan, prototype, test, improve) in this activity.
Illustrated large rockets launching from small Earth

Straw Rockets by Lorena Woo

Students will use the engineering design process to create rockets that can reach the planet Mars. Students will work in groups of three and four, then independently to design a model rocket. They will test their rockets on a straw launcher and measure the distance the rocket travels.
Planets in space

Gravity on Earth by YAPA Kids

In this lesson students will learn about what gravity is, what it's like in space, and why it is important to aerospace!

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