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Collaborating for Mission Success
September 2020 Issue
Artificial Intelligence Data.
Commercial Resupply

Space Vehicle Interface Specifications

This is a critical moment for the United States’ involvement in space.
Small satellites

Space System High Volume Production

As satellite quantities are scaled up, new methods and approaches will define high-volume production of space systems.
James Webb Space Telescope small

Design and Test of Moving Mechanical Assemblies

The standard is applicable to the mechanical or electromechanical devices that control the movement of a mechanical part of a space or launch vehicle relative to another part.
Picture of Delta 4 heavy rocket taking off from launch pad

Mission Success From The Ground Up

Choosing the right project delivery type allows a space program’s ground assets to deliver timely, cost-effective support for the operational life.
Bill Tosney in Memoriam

In Memoriam: William (Bill) Tosney

It is with considerable sadness that we announce the passing of William (Bill) Tosney, founding Editor-in-Chief of Getting It Right.

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