Getting It Right

Collaborating for Mission Success
December 2020 Issue
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Getting It Right Risk Assessment

Fast Tracking Risk Assessment

The U.S. Air Force creates Fast Track Risk Assessment process.
Picture of failing networks in space

Resilience in Space

Why resilience in space must be a focus area.
GIR Software

Space Systems Software Development Standard

The new software standard will reduce software cost and streamline requirements.
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Outpacing the Threat Through Integration Across the Space Enterprise

For the modern space enterprise dominating the threat requires an integrated approach to ensure delivery of critical capabilities in a contested environment.
GIR Auto Industry

Automobile Transformation Drives Space Innovation

Key automotive lessons learned that can provide valuable insight into high-volume production for space systems.

Getting It Right focuses on industry collaboration for mission success by sharing lessons learned, best practices, and engineering advances in response to the nation’s toughest challenges. The Getting It Right newsletter is published quarterly by the Aerospace Corporate Chief Engineer's Office.

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