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Collaborating for Mission Success
December 2019 Issue
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GPS III satellite

Majority of Satellites Exceed Design Life

The 2019 Satellite Lifetime Study surveyed design and actual life of U.S. military, civil, commercial, and foreign commercial satellites launched between 1980 and 2018.
Mission Assurance

Constraint-Based Mission Assurance

A framework has been established that provides an alternative path from traditional requirements-driven development.
Mission Assurance GIR

Mission Assurance Summit

Space program leaders address the future of mission success.
AeroCube 10 in the solar simulator

First AeroCubes Defined Using MBSE Now On Orbit

As the complexity of AeroCubes increases, so does the need for rigorous systems engineering practice.
Aerospace is promoting best practices to increase the reliability and repeatability of space components produced via additive manufacturing.

How to Adopt Additively Manufactured (AM) Structures

Understanding how a part’s failure modes can affect system-level performance is a key step in determining the extent of qualification and acceptance testing that is required for AM structures.

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