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Collaborating for Mission Success
March 2020 Issue
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Getting It Right MRQW

Workshop Covers Latest In Microelectronics

The Microelectronics Reliability & Qualification Workshop (MRQW) provided a forum for open discussion of issues for microelectronics targeted for use in space systems.
Getting It Right SiGe

The SiGe HBT Dream

The SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) is the first practical bandgap-engineered device to be realized in the silicon material system.
Getting It Right Microcircuits

Increasing Microcircuit/Hybrid Problems

Addressing potential issues and risks before they are realized problems has the added benefit of reducing overall system costs.
Getting It Right HiRev

HiRev Technology Forecast

Five noteworthy areas of development.
Risk chart

Balancing Risk and Schedule

Evaluating satellite failure risk in performance-based functional availability (PFA) tools.
Getting It Right Test

Optimizing Electronics Test/Analysis Ratio

Is testing alone more cost effective in improving reliability?
Getting It Right CSLA

University Students Develop Radiation Test Fixture

The project should result in a low-cost, adaptable, general-purpose hardware/software test platform that can accommodate multiple electronic device types during radiation testing.

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