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Collaborating for Mission Success
September 2019 Issue
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Dream Chaser in flight

Chasing The Dream

The recent focus on service contracts for human spaceflight programs has given NASA greater cost effectiveness but puts pressure on providers to make mission assurance even more value added and efficient.
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Failure In A Haystack

The last 10 years have brought significant challenges to failure analysis as technological complexity rapidly increased.
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Driven by lower cost, lighter weight, reduced power and the need to pack more devices into ever smaller forms, many semiconductor packaging technologies are now considered assemblies or systems of chips.  
Architectural Blueprints

Leading Adoption Of Model-Based Systems Engineering

Integrated models developed with close government–industry coordination can replace a document-centric approach with a model-centric one that provides better capabilities and offers an enterprise solution.
AeroCube-10 in purple light being tested.

Small Satellites Going Big In Space

Held in Logan, Utah, this year’s SmallSat conference was the biggest ever, with more than 3,400 participants from 45 countries, representing over 1,000 organizations.  

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