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June 2021 Issue
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How Good Is Your Model?

Model Assurance Levels (MALs) are used to concisely express the value, depth, breath, and quality of the model, as well as risks associated with Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) models.


Model-Based Mission Assurance and Flight Worthiness

Model Based Mission Assurance/Flight Worthiness (MBMA/FW) paves the way for the conduct of rigorous mission assurance in a digital engineering (DE) environment.

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Unified Architecture Framework (UAF)

The Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) is a successor to the DOD Architecture Framework (DODAF) and will automatically create DODAF-compliant architecture views as well as a few dozen other useful views.

MPM Users

Defeat Entropy: A Guide To Managing Your Model Portfolio

The Model Portfolio Management (MPM) guide identifies goals and tasks necessary to manage an organization’s portfolio of models.

Architectural Blueprints

Systems Engineering Forum (2021 Events)

The Aerospace Systems Engineering Forum (SEF) provides an opportunity for community members to share their DE and Model-Based Systems Engineering expertise, share their successes, note areas of improvement, and plan a way forward.

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