2020 CSR Report: Letter from the President and CEO

Welcome to The Aerospace Corporation's 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report on behalf of our President and CEO.
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It’s my honor to present The Aerospace Corporation’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report for 2020, which highlights our many efforts to support our people and the communities where they work and live. 

For more than 60 years, Aerospace has been committed to caring for our people as they work tirelessly to provide unmatched technical expertise and objective analysis to our nation’s space enterprise. This year presented unprecedented challenges, but it also provided new opportunities and new ways for our people to care for one another and to serve their communities.

From creating online STEM resources for children to piloting new virtual mentorship programs to donating unused supplies of personal protective equipment to local hospitals, Aerospace employees stepped up when they were needed most.

We’ve also committed to doing our part to address racial inequities at our company and in our country. We’ve stood up the Aerospace Committee for Equality that’s spearheading our efforts, building on existing initiatives and launching new ones to build a more inclusive workforce and to ensure students from all backgrounds are given tan opportunity to thrive.

I am incredibly proud of what our company has accomplished and even more excited about the positive impacts our actions will yield in the future. I hope you’ll read on to learn more about the work Aerospace is doing to champion STEM education, serve our communities, support our military partners, and so much more.