The 2021 Value of Space Summit

The Aerospace Corporation and the Space Information Sharing and Analysis Center will lead discussions during a two-day virtual summit October 19-20 on policy and technical issues critical toward securing the value of space.
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Update: 2021 The Value of Space Summit has concluded. Read the summary here.

The Aerospace Corporation and the Space Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Space ISAC) will host the 2021 Value of Space Summit, an interactive virtual event that will convene experts from across the space enterprise for collaborative, action-oriented discussions on timely technical and policy topics. The Summit will convene Tuesday and Wednesday, Oct. 19 and 20. 

Our agenda for 2021 follows the theme Securing the Value of Space, with two days of panels and fireside chats focusing on how the space community must act to secure the resilience, viability, and sustainability value of the space economy and related infrastructure. To support progress in these areas, Aerospace and the Space ISAC will solicit insights from participants and publish the key actions and considerations shared by Summit speakers and following the conclusion of the event.

Topics on the 2021 Value of Space Summit agenda include:

  • Securing the Value of Space
  • Space's Sustainable Value
  • Space Systems as Critical Infrastructure
  • Good Space Behavior: Safety Norms and Standards
  • LEO: Clearing the Path to Space
  • Space Insurance
  • Everyday Space and Its Value to Citizens
  • Space Cyber and Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Neighborhood Watch: Building the Cislunar Enterprise
  • Cislunar Positioning, Navigation, and Training (PNT)
  • Securing the Future Value of Space

Aerospace, the only federally funded research and development center (FFRDC) dedicated to the entire space enterprise, is a founding member of the Space ISAC. The Value of Space Summit supports Space ISAC’s mission to reduce risk and active information sharing by bringing the global space community together to identify and respond to threats and provide timely, actionable information to the entire space sector.

“Aerospace is proud to lead new initiatives and critical thought leadership to bridge the U.S. and global space community with information sharing, partnership development and space norms and behaviors,” said Lori Gordon, Aerospace’s senior project engineer for space enterprise integration in the Office of the Corporate Chief Engineer. “Partnering with Space ISAC and its members has led to exponential gains in critical insights across the entire space sector.”

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Recapping 2021 Value of Space Summit: Securing the Value of Space

The Aerospace Corporation and the Space Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Space ISAC) facilitated the event to examine some of the prime concerns among the space environment.

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