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Space Safety Institute

Advancing space safety through innovation and collaboration.


The Aerospace Corporation established the Space Safety Institute in 2021 to deliver independent technical support and assessments to enhance the safety of space and space-related activities for government, commercial, and international customers.

The Space Safety Institute also provides a collaborative framework for supporting fundamental safety research, information sharing, education and training, and industry standards for all aspects of safe space operations.

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Insights from Space Safety Institute

The Space Safety Institute (SSI) leverages Aerospace's longstanding technical and policy expertise to research and address space safety issues. The Space Safety Compendium describes priority issues and recommendations for the future sustainability of space operations. SSI also produced a report recommending a future-proof framework for commercial human spaceflight safety, based on an analysis of other transportation sectors, with a roadmap to an ideal future where human spaceflight is a common practice.

Both publications are available to download.
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About the Space Safety Institute

The Aerospace Corporation established the Space Safety Institute to support government, industry, and international customers on all aspects of space safety through all mission phases, including launch, operations, reentry, cyber, and spectrum.
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Mission Areas

The core mission focus areas of the Space Safety Institute are:

• Space Situational Awareness
• Space Operations Assurance
• Launch and Reentry Safety
• Cybersecurity and Spectrum
• Human Spaceflight Safety
• Cislunar Space Safety
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News and Events

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