Small Satellites

The rapid escalation of the production and launch of small satellites has revolutionized the space industry. Aerospace has been on the front lines of this minimalist movement for 20 years, leveraging the remarkable work of our picosat lab to set the standard for reliability and technology development within the CubeSat community.
Picture of smallsat's teathered together being release from the space shuttle in space
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AeroCube 14-15 Lab

Meet the Aerospace CubeSat Fleet

The Aerospace Corporation has been a pioneer in the design, construction, and flight of ultrasmall satellites. Learn about our past and future work.
AeroCube 4 in orbit, artist rendering

Aerospace’s CubeSat Milestones

The Aerospace Corporation’s AeroCube program demonstrates the value of continuous development: each flight is an opportunity to identify improvements for the future.
AeroCube 14-15 A6Lab

A Brief History of AeroCubes

Through its AeroCube program, The Aerospace Corporation builds on its rich heritage and continues pushing the state of the art as a leading pioneer in the CubeSat community.

Slingshot Platform Fast-Tracks Space Systems Using Modularity and Open Standards

Aerospace's Slingshot looks to advance on-orbit experiments using modular and autonomous technologies on next-generation satellite systems.

DiskSat: Aerospace is Redefining the Future of Small Satellites

In response to growing interest in capable SmallSats, a team of engineers and scientists are thinking outside the (CubeSat) box with DiskSat, a new circular satellite design.
XLab renovation project, 20200826-Bert0303-Pano.jpg

xLab: Turning Ideas to Reality

Aerospace's xLab equips our technical experts with a state-of-the-art facility and equipment, enabling them to collaborate on building innovative prototypes and instruments that advance space technology. Prototyping is nothing new for Aerospace, which has developed space science instruments and nano satellites, such as AeroCubes, for many years now and continues to do so today.
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Who’s Who in Space? Resolving CubeSat Confusion With Identification and Tracking

The Aerospace Corporation convened a two-day workshop to discuss identifying and tracking the growing number of CubeSats launched into orbit.

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