Strategies to Outpace the Threat

Unfettered access and freedom to operate in space is of vital interest to the United States. Foreign proliferation of advanced space systems has left space operations congested and contested, and U.S. adversaries are quickly developing ever more lethal anti-satellite capabilities. How can we transform our national security space enterprise to continuously outpace the adversary threat?
New Entrant Pathways To Orbit
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A view of Earth from space.

Continuous Production Agility: Adapting at the Speed of Relevance

Adaptability and resilience in national security space and related supply chains are a priority for the defense leaders. How can open standards, modularity, higher volume production, and a regular launch cadence meet that need?
Responding to Threat

Outpacing the Threat With an Agile Defense Space Enterprise

This is a critical moment for the United States in space. Potential adversaries are developing and fielding anti-satellite weapons and more effective military satellites, threatening U.S. security and interests. How can we transform our national security space enterprise into an architecture that can continuously outpace the adversary threat?
U.S. Capitol

Lessons Learned & New Ideas: DC Public Event, March 28, 2019

This event focused on the need for urgent change in defense space, lessons learned for new models of defense space acquisition, and how better acquisition might meet new space systems and on-the-ground special operations needs.
Abstract Orbits

Outpacing the Threat

In this dynamic era of change—where our adversaries are working intensely to undermine our leadership in national security space—it is not enough to meet the challenges they pose, but to anticipate and confront them with greater speed, innovation, and resiliency.
Washington Monument

DC Industry Listening Session

This session focused on listening to and learning from Washington, D.C., industry leaders' thoughts on a model for agile acquisition, enterprise solutions, prototyping & partnerships, and streamlining decision making.
Aerospace HQ

Industry Forum in El Segundo

This forum, which included government and industry panels, explored an agile architecture that continuously outpaces the adversary threat.