Celebrating Our Heritage of Diversity at Aerospace

Honoring and celebrating our employees’ heritage, along with supporting their communities, has been a priority at Aerospace for decades. This year, we celebrate a significant milestone and the impact our employees have had at Aerospace and beyond.
ABC 50th Anniversary, 20220616-Past -303.jpg

Commitment to Our People is a core value at Aerospace, which is dedicated to celebrating its people, community, and culture. Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) play a vital role in expanding the awareness and understanding that helps to strengthen the diversity, equity, and inclusion of our workforce. This year, four of Aerospace’s ERGs celebrated their 50th anniversary milestones.

The Aerospace Asian Pacific American Association (AAPAA), Aerospace Black Caucus (ABC), Aerospace Latino Member Association (ALMA), and Aerospace Women’s Committee (AWC) were founded in 1972 and have continued to be integral parts of the corporation. Their dedication to supporting employees and the community has helped shape the culture of Aerospace into what we are today.

Throughout the year, the ERGs hosted celebrations—individually and collectively—in honor and recognition of the rich heritage of their cultures and the significant impacts their groups have made to Aerospace and our communities. As part of their celebrations, AAPAA and ABC joined together to create a giving campaign for the Dr. Wanda M. Austin STEM Scholarship. Through their efforts, $11,000 was raised to help ensure students from underrepresented communities are able to achieve their dreams in STEM.