Devotion to a High Ethical Standard

Aerospace’s business ethics are the cornerstone of our core values of objectivity and integrity. This commitment to our core values is enduring and critical to addressing the evolving demands of the space enterprise. Furthermore, this high ethical standard fosters a safe and thriving workplace.
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To thrive in the workplace means more than just getting by, doing your job, and functioning adequately. To thrive at work is to enjoy a feeling of empowerment, safety, satisfaction, and wholeness. These factors ultimately affect the quality of your life. The Aerospace Corporation is wholeheartedly committed to honesty, fairness, and integrity in dealing with our employees—and this extends to our customers, suppliers, and all those with whom we interact.

VSD Discussion
Members of the Aerospace D8 building site council brainstorm on ways to invigorate the workplace design.

Ethics Dominate Our Corporate Values

Ethics—the moral principles and values that govern the conduct of our leadership and employees—dominate our corporate values. As employees of Aerospace, our actions, both large and small, are shaped and guided by rules, regulations, and common sense. Aerospace’s reputation for disciplined adherence to its code of ethics is greatly valued by its customers, and places us in the position to serve them in a very unique relationship built on objectivity and trust. 

We are vigilant in adhering to a code of ethics. To augment this ongoing process, we have developed some frequently asked questions about situations that could arise during our day-to-day activities here at the company. We are rigorous about following up and seeking improvement.

An Environment of Respect and Dignity

Our goal at Aerospace is to continue to recruit and retain the best people, nurture a creative environment, and help our people find ways to innovate. To enable our employees to enjoy a culture of respect and dignity, we welcome open and honest feedback. This is a participatory mindset grounded in basic decency. We encourage our people to take action—if they see or hear something that is unfair, wrong, discriminatory, or hurtful, we ask that they speak up. We will listen. 

Aerospace is committed to providing equal opportunity for our employees and a workplace free from any form of harassment based on race, sexual orientation, gender presentation, age, color, creed, religion, physical challenge, national origin, and veteran status, or from any other behavior contrary to the fundamental human dignity of the individual.

This article was featured in the Aerospace 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.