A Culture of Giving

Giving back to the community runs deep through Aerospace’s culture and our people find ways to contribute throughout the year, utilizing their time and talents to support those in need.
Child playing with toy.


Whether at the workplace or in their communities, Aerospace employees continue to shine by giving back to others.  

In April, Aerospace celebrated Global Volunteer Month in a big way by volunteering throughout the month and raising thousands of dollars to help people and communities in need. In recognition of all the good work our people do, Aerospace has been highlighting employee volunteers and sharing how they are making a difference.  

For example, John Martillo, who was April’s Volunteer of the Month, has dedicated his time to volunteering around the world. His volunteerism has included installing solar lighting in a remote village in Mexico and supporting Aerospace at City of STEM, where he worked with young aspiring scientists and engineers to show them the many opportunities that lay ahead of them.  

“Volunteering at the City of STEM event was an incredibly fulfilling experience,” said Martillo. “Witnessing the enthusiasm and passion of the young cohort of future scientists, doctors, engineers, and other STEM professionals was awe-inspiring. Seeing their eyes light up with excitement as they learned about the wonders of science and technology made me feel proud to be a part of this community.”  

Child looking at machinery.
Throughout the year, Aerospace employees go above and beyond, showing they truly care about their communities.

The culture of giving at Aerospace runs deep and our employees do amazing work in their communities all year round. During the holidays, employees across the country truly shine through their generosity, giving back to children, families and communities in need. This year, several organizations across the corporation provided a variety of ways for people to “do one good thing”, by giving back during this holiday season, and together making a great impact.  

During Aerospace’s annual Holiday Gift Drive, gifts were donated to hundreds of children in need across the country. Aerospace partnered with organizations nationwide that support children and families in need. As many of the families supported could not provide gifts for their children on their own, the contributions of Aerospace employees were instrumental in making their holiday season special.  

Aerospace employees also found ways to support those facing food insecurity, which is felt especially hard during the holidays. The Aerospace Black Caucus, an Aerospace Employee Resource Group, hosted a nationwide food drive during the holiday season and partnered with Western Fairfax Christian Ministries Food Pantry in Chantilly, Va., L.A. Regional Food Bank in Los Angeles, Calif., and Food Bank of North Alabama in Huntsville, Ala., to provide families with a warm holiday meal.  

Throughout the year, Aerospace employees go above and beyond, showing they truly care about their communities. As one Aerospace volunteer said, “Volunteering or giving back tends to give the giver more than they feel they have given.”