State of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Aerospace has made progress on its DEI initiatives while transparently documenting successes and laying the groundwork for improvement.
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At The Aerospace Corporation, we’ve been dedicated to supporting DEI as part of our core value of Commitment to Our People. In the summer of 2020, we deepened this commitment in response to the national dialogue around racial inequity and bias by designing an even more comprehensive, best-in-class program, with increased funding to support DEI initiatives across six focus areas led by our Aerospace Committee for Equality (ACE) and our Executive Champions.

We will continue to advance our commitment to DEI in 2022, building on our
progress of creating an inclusive work environment that embraces diverse
perspectives, ideas, experiences, and people.


Our Response to a Changing World 

What We Did

FY2021 saw the successful implementation of a variety of DEI initiatives. Notable actions taken this year include: 

  • Initiated ongoing efforts to encourage employee DEI dialogue, training, and education  
  • Made progress on all of 34 action plans for DEI focus areas 
  • Expanded the Dr. Wanda M. Austin Scholarship program to create additional opportunities through the Future STEM Leaders program 
  • Partnered with Space Systems Command and the city of El Segundo to promote shared DEI objectives and best practices 
  • Established new fellowship programs focused on diversity  
  • Launched multiple community outreach and K-12 STEM initiatives 


What We Learned

Commitment to DEI is a continuous learning process that informs our efforts to create a more diverse and representational workplace, while also addressing the individual and collective biases that contribute to inequity.  

  • Exit, Stay and PULSE surveys indicated an increase in positive feedback from employees, with some areas of ongoing concern.  
  • Developed “lessons learned” plans, best practices and pathways for improvement.