Satellite 2019

Come see Aerospace at Satellite 2019, May 6-9 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Booth #2232, Washington D.C. 
Small Satellites
STP-2 Falcon Heavy launch

Inside the SpaceX Falcon Heavy's Most Challenging Mission Yet

Aerospace packed two dozen satellites inside the nosecone of the world’s most powerful rocket.
A lab technician holding the frame of AeroCube 10

xLab Turns Ideas Into Reality

Meet xLab, a new Aerospace organization that consolidates our prototyping expertise to develop rapid solutions to the threats facing the nation’s space assets.
Atmospheric Glow image

NIRAC Camera Captures Atmospheric Glow

The Earth’s atmosphere is never completely dark. Even at night, the atmosphere gives off light because of chemical reactions that are taking place. This phenomenon, known as airglow, has inspired an Aerospace team to develop a camera to capture airglow effects and its stunning imagery.
Polar Scout Coast Guard

Coast Guard Launches First Satellites to Aid In Arctic Rescue

A pair of CubeSats, nicknamed Polar Scout, will help locate stranded ships in the growing number of treacherous Arctic shipping lanes.

Game Changer: On-Orbit Servicing

A new generation of cooperative spacecraft designed specifically for on-orbit servicing could upgrade their own hardware every few years — a need that has been identified by the commercial, civil, and military satellite sectors. How might on-orbit servicing change the game?

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Picture of a deep space landscape