Aerospace Expertise in Software Systems Engineering

The Aerospace Corporation provides technical expertise in software systems engineering, software engineering, and cybersecurity.
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The Aerospace Corporation’s software engineering mission is to guide our customers in acquiring and fielding resilient software intensive systems, incorporating emerging technologies, and mitigating threats. Aerospace has invested extensively in laboratories, equipment, technology, tools, and most importantly in our employees. Aerospace provides technical expertise in software systems engineering, software engineering and cybersecurity. Some focus areas of support that we provide to enable customer mission success are:

Aerospace’s achievements, performance portfolio, and depth of expertise are particularly useful to NASA, other U.S. government agencies, and commercial space organizations desiring support for their science and space exploration missions.

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The Aerospace Corporation operates a Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) that provides objective technical expertise, analyses and assessments in multiple markets. Aerospace primarily supports the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Space Force and other U.S. government agencies, including NASA, NOAA, NNSA and USGS.

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Software Lifecycle Support

Aerospace offers expertise in software process simulation and modeling, program management, and independent assessments to guide the full software development lifecycle. In addition to software program management for project startup guidance, Aerospace offers expertise in software process simulation and modeling, metrics and quantitative management, quality enhancement activities, software cost estimation, and independent software assessments.
Cyber capabilities


Aerospace delivers continuous innovation, assessment, testing, and research and development to apply defense-in-depth principles and establish cyber resiliency throughout the space enterprise. Our work is strengthened by our extensive knowledge base of space systems and research. Leveraging this depth and breadth in understanding space and ground systems, we continue to evolve our research as the threat environment becomes more complex.
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Aerospace supports software development, testing, and implementation for civil and commercial spaceflight systems and avionics. We have developed this broad expertise by supporting various projects and programs, including our CubeSat missions (AeroCubes), for which Aerospace designs and implements flight software. Our engineers also emulate and validate flight systems for launch vehicles in our software-in-the-loop/hardware-in-the-loop laboratory.
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Testing, Independent Modeling and Testbed Development

Aerospace operates the only FFRDC with the mission assurance charter to provide validation before a vehicle is launched with a national security space (NSS) payload. The primary responsibility of The Aerospace Corporation’s Embedded Control Systems Department is to perform test, validation, and mission readiness verification of the software and hardware avionics systems for spacecraft and launch vehicles.
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Operations and Sustainment

Aerospace's Systems Integration and Protection Office brings key software capabilities to support several NASA missions.
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Specialized Applications

Aerospace develops custom applications and software to support launch operations, mission assurance, and unique mission needs for U.S. government and commercial customers. Since our software is created in-house, customers have the added benefit of having the tools enhanced with requested modifications.

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