Research and Development

As the nation’s independent testing and research center for space systems, our more than 80 specialized laboratories test, analyze, and troubleshoot virtually every aspect of rocket and satellite systems. 
Wiring for AeroCube-10
Solar Simulator

Testing Solar Cells at the Edge of Space

Aerospace demonstrates an easier and less expensive way to test solar cells.
Catalina Sky Survey telescope

Artificial Intelligence Takes On Asteroids

A 25-meter asteroid could devastate an area of Earth the size of Manhattan. Here’s how Aerospace developed artificial intelligence to help make sure that doesn’t happen.
View of a spot on Earth from an orbiting satellite

A New Tool To Fight GPS Jammers

GPS jamming can drastically impact military and civilian life. A team from Aerospace’s Communication System Implementation Subdivision built a tool to counter jam the jammers.

Video: Delivering Artificial Intelligence To Space

Aerospace engineers developed an artificial intelligence system that uses modern cloud computing to enable satellites to transmit meaningful data and discard the rest.
Atmospheric Glow image

NIRAC Camera Captures Atmospheric Glow

The Earth’s atmosphere is never completely dark. Even at night, the atmosphere gives off light because of chemical reactions that are taking place. This phenomenon, known as airglow, has inspired an Aerospace team to develop a camera to capture airglow effects and its stunning imagery.
A lab technician holding the frame of AeroCube 10

xLab Turns Ideas Into Reality

Meet xLab, a new Aerospace organization that consolidates our prototyping expertise to develop rapid solutions to the threats facing the nation’s space assets.

Electric Propulsion for Spacecraft

Electric propulsion of spacecraft, or "EP", involves the application of electrical energy as a source of thrust to propel spacecraft. The Aerospace Corporation has developed a remarkably comprehensive suite of diagnostic tools that have become an indispensable, go-to resource for any party seeking to test the viability of new EP methods.

Aerospace Virtual Tours

Aerospace's virtual tours allow you to explore our state-of-the-art facilities from the comfort of your own desk. Available self-guided tours include:
• xLab
• iLab
• STARS Mission Operation Center
• Physical Sciences Laboratories
Robotic Arm UPP

University Partnership Program

The University Partnership Program facilitates collaboration with top universities to provide resources, mentorship, and hands-on experience for students to explore potential career paths in the space sector.

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Picture of a deep space landscape