Flexing Fierce at the Summer Games

Aerospace’s “A-Team” participated in various events at the annual Aerospace Summer Games, where local aerospace and aviation company employees gather for a day of fun and friendly (if sandy) competition.
Aerospace team playing tug of war

Frisbees sliced through clean, salty air. Flying feet kicked up sand and soccer balls. Human pyramids assembled up! Up! UP! —then laughingly tumbled into the sand.

These were just some of the many fun scenes that made up this year’s Aerospace Summer Games.

Held annually at El Segundo’s Dockweiler beach, the Summer Games boasts a day of friendly competition and fun in the sun for local aerospace and aviation companies. This year, 27 companies competed in events such as dodgeball and tug of war. The Aerospace Corporation’s “A-Team”—more than 200 strong and led by CEO and coach Steve Isakowitz—sported bright, cerulean shirts and clapped deafening thunder sticks to cheer on their teammates.

Out of the participating 27 teams, the A-Team finished in fourth place. The A-Team also won the canned food drive by donating the most items to a local charity.

This article was featured in the Aerospace 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.