Aerospace’s 2021 Summer of STEM

Nurturing the next generation of STEM talent requires advocacy and outreach to students of all ages, as well as their teachers. Aerospace provides ongoing guidance and engagement in STEM disciplines to students seeking pathways to rewarding STEM careers.
Aerospace 2021 Summer of STEM

Aerospace is committed to inspiring the next generation of STEM experts, and is actively engaged in creating and facilitating programs that foster and sustain students’ commitment to STEM disciplines from grades K through 12.  

This year, Aerospace’s ACE K-12 STEM Outreach group offered rising high school students the opportunity to attend Aerospace Academy, a free, two-week summer academic experience. Academy participants were assigned activities and completed problem-solving exercises based on real-world technical problems, with AeroScholars leading the student teams and technical managers volunteering their time and services. Mentors were provided to Academy participants, as well as opportunities to meet with STEM professionals to observe their efforts to achieve mission success. 

In July, 93 high school students attended Aerospace’s Virtual High School STEM Institute. The free, week-long program offered students interested in STEM disciplines the opportunity to learn about careers in aerospace, and to collaborate with experts to apply problem-solving skills.       

To further encourage STEM engagement, Aerospace renewed its commitment to STEM educators by offering a four-week program of Professional Learning Sessions, designed to instruct teachers about the variety of ways they can promote STEM disciplines to their students. 

Additional educational resources for teachers are available here.