Continuing Our Values Through Mentorship at Aerospace

A culture in which mentor and mentee relationships flourish is essential to Aerospace’s continuing legacy of commitment to our people and unbiased technical excellence.
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The Aerospace Corporation has a rich mentoring culture. With 60 years of amassed technical knowledge within our hallways and labs, Aerospace employees have access to a wealth of information and experience shared among their fellow engineers and scientists.

Mentoring opportunities have existed at Aerospace for decades in formal and informal settings. The Aerospace Mentoring Initiative (AMI) aids employees interested in being a mentor or a mentee by providing appropriate training, with a goal of reinforcing our commitment to our people by helping to create an environment that encourages employee growth. AMI teams comprise employees whose experience spans from early career through mid-career and senior level, who possess a passion for the importance and value of mentoring and a shared desire to contribute to enriching careers for all Aerospace employees.

Aerospace also participates in the Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minority Engineers (GEM), a national program which aims to support underrepresented groups (Black people, American Indians and Hispanic Americans) at the Master’s and Doctoral levels in engineering and science, and the program has been a valuable pipeline of top diverse graduate level talent for Aerospace since 1978.  

Aerospace remains committed to helping employees find a mentor or assist them in becoming one, and additional investments in mentoring opportunities are always in development.