Aerospace Employees Collaborate to Fight COVID-19

Through brainstorming ideas, pooling our talents and leveraging Aerospace resources, our people are finding ways to continue to combat the pandemic.
T-Case Fever Indicator in Lobby, 20200708-Bert-115.jpg

The Aerospace Corporation’s employees are actively searching for ways to aid in the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak. In addition to donating much-needed medical supplies to local hospitals, Aerospace employees are coming together to brainstorm ideas for combating COVID-19 using the corporation’s resources and expertise.

Recent employee-led initiatives include an idea marketplace and virtual ideation sessions that encourage participants to collaborate and share ideas across the corporation, while providing a forum to discuss the use of Aerospace assets to repurpose industrial equipment, make personal protective equipment (such as face masks and gloves) at home, and apply artificial intelligence for COVID-19 risk assessment and self-diagnosis.

These efforts have resulted in productive discussions pertaining to the leveraging of Aerospace 3D printers and supply chain analysis to create an actionable plan for resolving the nation’s personal protective equipment shortage. Other items under consideration include the large-scale production of ventilators, 3D printing of ventilator parts, and the creation and validation of prediction models.  

Aerospace employees are also providing donations and support for at-risk communities and to organizations like the American Red Cross, No Kid Hungry, and the International Medical Corps, by way of Aerospace’s in-house charitable giving platform, Aerospace Cares.