SSCM Database

The Small Satellite Cost Model is the result of over 30 years of Aerospace study. Traditional models are based on larger space systems and tend to drastically over-predict the development costs of smaller (up to 1000 kg) satellites making this one of the most relevant and credible small spacecraft cost models available.

A listing of the satellites in the SSCM database is provided below. Cost and technical information obtained for the various missions serve as a foundation for developing the cost estimating relationships (CERs) used in SSCM. Where possible, links have also been added for more detailed information on each mission.

The SSCM team is always interested in obtaining actual, as-flown technical and cost data on recently launched spacecraft buses to add to the database. The data is used to ensure that the model properly reflects the latest trends in cost-efficiency and technology development. If you have data that you would be willing to provide for inclusion in the model, please contact the SSCM team. If the data is of interest, you will be provided a data survey to fill out and return. All data is considered proprietary and is used solely for the development of the SSCM model.  If desired by the data provider, a non-disclosure agreement can be signed.

All data on this page is presented following guidelines in The Aerospace Corporation’s copyright and terms of use policy. Please contact the SSCM site administrator with updates, questions, or comments concerning the information contained herein.