Space Exploration

As technology puts new horizons within reach, The Aerospace Corporation is helping humanity explore our galaxy from the Moon to Mars and beyond.
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Mars surface

A Powerful New Laser for Studying the Solar System

Laser and electronics experts at The Aerospace Corporation are developing new technology that could be sent to the moon and planets in the solar system to determine their age based on analysis of elements in collected surface samples.
Orion heat shield

Testing Orion's Impenetrable Heat Shield

NASA's Orion will endure temperatures of 5000 degrees when it re-enters Earth's atmosphere. Aerospace engineers developed a new tool to make sure the spacecraft -and those inside- survive the ride.

Solar Gravity Lens Looks At Exoplanets

Aerospace is helping to design an innovative mission to view the surface of exoplanets light years away. This solar gravity lens project, being conducted jointly with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, essentially makes our solar system and beyond into a giant optical lens.
Planetary Society Light Sail

Catching a Ride On a Solar Sail

Cameras designed by The Aerospace Corporation play a critical role in tracking the deployment of solar sails as scientists study their use for space exploration.
Gateway hero

Building a Gateway to the Galaxy

Aerospace engineers are ground-testing the Gateway, a moon-orbiting space station that NASA sees as the first step to Mars.
EMU suit

Building A Better Space Suit

NASA's plans to put astronauts on the moon and Mars requires a new EVA suit —the first in 40 years— and Aerospace is assisting.

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