CZ-5B R/B (ID 53240) Reentered

Reentry Prediction
Predicted Reentry Time 30 Jul 2022 17:08 UTC ± 1 hour
Orbit Epoch
Prediction Ground Track
CZ-5B R/B (ID 53240) Reentry Prediction Image

Yellow Icon – location of object at midpoint of reentry window
Orange Line – area of visibility at the predicted reentry time for a ground observer  -- area of potential visibility if the reentry occurred at the middle of the window
Blue Line – ground track uncertainty prior to middle of the reentry window (ticks at 5-minute intervals)
Yellow Line – ground track uncertainty after middle of the reentry window (ticks at 5-minute intervals)
White Line – day/night divider at middle of the reentry window (Sun location shown by White Icon; lighting shown at the center of the window)
Pink Icon – vicinity of eyewitness sighting

Note: Possible reentry locations lie anywhere along the blue and yellow ground track.  Areas not under the line are not exposed to the debris

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Probable Reentry Sightings:


Probable Debris Recovered:

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CZ-5B R/B (ID 53240) Reentry Sighting Image

The above image shows the center of Aerospace's predicted reentry window of 17:08 UTC ±1 hour with several 5-minute intervals before the center of the window explicitly labeled.  In red is Space-Track's latest reentry prediction of 16:51 UTC with an uncertainty of ± 1 minute.  The location of Kuching, Malaysia, where multiple sightings of the reentry just before 17:00 UTC have been reported, is also shown.  

Below is a similar image in a close-up on the island of Borneo, including the approximate location of two reported sightings in Sarawak, Malaysia, the location of the Space-Track reentry prediction, and the approximate location of reported debris in West Kalimantan, Indonesia (links above).

CZ-5B R/B (ID 53240) Reentry Debris Image


Object Description
Reentry Type
Rocket Body
Int'l Designation 2022-085B
NORAD Number
Launched 24 July 2022 @ 06:22 UTC
Launch Site
Mission Wentian

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