2022 Space Safety Compendium

Leveraging Aerospace's longstanding technical and policy expertise on issues of space safety, the Space Safety Institute describes key high-priority areas and recommendations for the future sustainability of space operations.
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The space domain is an international domain that is predicated on cooperation and partnerships enabled by safe space operations. In order to manage this domain and address growing challenges, the space sector requires a holistic approach. For a safe space domain, each mission area will have to be properly managed for all of them to work together correctly.

It is with this holistic approach in mind that The Aerospace Corporation established the Space Safety Institute (SSI). The SSI leverages longstanding Aerospace expertise on issues of space safety to provide more targeted and impactful thought leadership across the range of challenges described in this 2022 Space Safety Compendium. Each chapter of this compendium describes key high priority areas that should be addressed over the next few years.

The compendium has been developed in collaboration with The Aerospace Corporation’s Center for Space Policy and Strategy, and builds on material from previously published policy papers, referenced throughout each chapter, as a foundation for this compendium. Aerospace's experts also discussed the Space Safety Compendium on The Space Policy Show. Watch the full episode here.