Launch Assurance

Spanning all stages of the space lifecycle, from concept to operations, mission success at The Aerospace Corporation is the result of decades of experience, a highly-skilled technical staff, and specialized tools developed to tackle the challenges of space.
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WGS mission at Cape Canaveral ready for launch

WGS Launches Following Challenges

The 10th WGS launch aboard a Delta IV had unexpected challenges. Everything looked relatively smooth through the various prelaunch reviews. But in the days leading up to launch and all through the countdown, numerous issues with ground systems, launch vehicle systems, and range support assets cropped up.
SpaceX GPSIII launch

SpaceX Makes History

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carried the first Global Positioning System III satellite to orbit.
Getting It Right: Collaborating for Mission Success

Getting It Right Newsletter

The Getting It Right newsletter was established with an intent to widely inspire a culture of mission assurance across the space enterprise. Since then, the national security space climate has changed in response to the evolving threat environment, but the need for industry collaboration to face the nation’s toughest challenges remains the same. Working together to share lessons learned, best practices, and advances in the field as they relate to mission success remains the core purpose of this newsletter.
Space collaboration council meeting

Space Collaboration Council

The space industry is changing rapidly, and stronger collaboration between government and industry is necessary to address emerging challenges effectively. The prospect of a war in space, the emergence of new entrants, and the use of secondary payloads have disrupted the status quo, and the industry must change how it works together to adapt effectively to this changing world.

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