Corporate Officers

Aerospace's corporate officers collectively represent our company’s diverse range of skills, perspectives, and organizations. In conjunction with the board, Aerospace’s corporate officers oversee and are ultimately responsible for our economic, environmental, and social performance. Within compliance of the law and various codes of conduct, the executive officers focus on assuring 100-percent mission success.
Generic star and space background
Picture of Steven J Isakowitz
Hon. Steven J. Isakowitz
President and CEO
Picture of Dr. Wayne H. Goodman
Dr. Wayne H. Goodman
Executive Vice President
Picture of Ellen M. Beatty
Ellen M. Beatty
Vice President,
Chief Financial Officer
Picture of Kevin Bell
Kevin D. Bell
Vice President,
Space Program Operations
Picture of Tammy L. Choy
Tammy L. Choy
Vice President,
Chief Information Officer
Picture of Malissia R. Clinton
Malissia R. Clinton
Senior Vice President,
General Counsel, and Secretary
Picture of Dr. Charles L. Gustafson
Dr. Charles L. Gustafson
Senior Vice President,
Engineering and Technology Group
Picture of Dr. Malina M. Hills
Dr. Malina M. Hills
Senior Vice President,
Space Systems Group
Picture of Randolph L. Kendall
Randolph L.
“Randy” Kendall

Vice President,
Launch and Enterprise Operations
Picture of Dr. William C. Krenz
Dr. William C.
“Willie” Krenz

Senior Vice President,
Chief Velocity Officer
Picture of Heather R. Laychak
Heather R. Laychak
Vice President,
Chief People Officer
Dr. David W. Miller
Dr. David W. Miller
Vice President,
Chief Technology Officer
Picture of Jamie Morin
Dr. Jamie Morin
Vice President,
Defense Systems Operations
Picture of Tanya Pemberton
Tanya Pemberton
Senior Vice President,
National Systems Group
Picture of Jay G. Santee
Jay G. Santee
Vice President,
Strategic Space Operations
Picture of Edward M. Swallow
Edward M. Swallow
Senior Vice President,
Civil Systems Group
Portrait of Marty Whelan
Marty Whelan
Senior Vice President,
Defense Systems Group