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Papers may be obtained by clicking on the report numbers below. Please include proof of identity for any papers not specifically labeled "for public release."


March 2020

Developing a Sustainable Spectrum Approach to Deliver 5G Services and Critical Weather Forecasts by D.G. Lubar et al.; OTR202000209; PR

Large Constellation Disposal Hazards by W.H. Ailor; OTR201901097; PR

Application and Tailoring Guidance for Standards Used on Space System Acquisitions by B.E. Shaw; TOR-2019-02267, USGC

U.S. Space Program Mission Assurance Summit, November 12-13, 2019 by G. Johnson-Roth; TOR-2020-00276; USGC

2019 Satellite Lifetime Study— Executive Summary by K. Ferrone et al.; TOR-2020-00386; PR

Interface Modelling and Evaluation with Multiple Model-Based Systems Engineering Tools by R.B. Crombie et al.; ATR-2019-02460; USGC

Small Satellite Cost Model 2019 (SSCM19) User’s Manual by E.A. Mahr; ATR-2019-02492- Rev A; USGC

Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Strategy Workshops by A.C. Hoheb et al.; ATR-2020-00036; USGC

Space Collaboration Council— November 12, 2019 by T. Tran et al.; ATR-2020-00418; USGC

Evaluating the Impact of Autonomy on Future Ground & Space Systems by C.M. Lawson; TOR-2019-02622; USGC

Modular Spacecraft Buses— Design Evolution and Current Capabilities by M.N. Tran; TOR-2019-02746; USGC

Model-Based RFPs Depend on Defined Program Objectives by A.C. Hoheb; ATR-2020-00181; USGC


December 2019

Adaptive Mission Assurance Strategy for Pre-Acquisition: Phase 1 by A.B. Taylor et al.; TOR-2019-01781; USGC

MBSE Training & Learning Opportunity Catalog by A. Chang et al.; TOR-2019-02715; USG

Schedule Integration by R.B. Crombie et al.; TOR-2019-02048; USGC

Small and Cube Satellite Functionality Trends by M. Nguyen; TOR-2019-02711; USGC

2019 Systems Engineering Forum—Leveraging Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Across the Enterprise by A. Hoheb et al.; ATR-2019-01156; USGC

Space and Launch Requirements Addendum to AS9100D Quality Management Systems by R.L. Morehead et al.; TR-RS-2018-00028; PR 

Tailoring for ANSI/AIAA S-120A-2015 Mass Property Control for Space Systems: Space Vehicles by Y.C. Tam et al.; TR-2018-01203; PR

How to Adopt Additively Manufactured Structures on NSS Programs by Brett E. Soltz et al.; TOR-2019-02060; USGC


June 2019 Issue

Space Collaboration Council, 28 March 2019 by G.Johnson-Roth, T. Tran; ATR-2019-01805; USGC

2019 Systems Engineering Forum—Leveraging Model-Based Engineering Across the Enterprise by A. Hoheb; ATR-2019-01156; USGC

Launch Vehicle Mission Success by M. Moore; TOR-2019-01315; USGC

Environmental Test Thoroughness Assessment (ETTA) Process Description by J. Juranek et al.; ATR-2015-03548; USGC

Tin Whisker Modeling Technical Exchange Meeting Minutes by J. Juranek; TOR-2019-00888; USGC

Space Collaboration Council by G. Johnson-Roth; TOR-2019-00762; USGC

Agile Fit Check 2.0 Overview by S. Rosemergy; TOR-2019-01624; USGC

SMC/ENE Common Payload Interface Standard (CoPaIS) by V. Sather; TOR-2019-01574; USGC


March 2019 Issue

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Tool Selection Framework by M. Zetilyan; TOR-2018-02532; USGC

Risk for Additive Manufacturing by M. O’Brien; TOR-2018-01161; USGC

Disposal Options 101: Space System Design Options for End-of-Life by A. Jenkin; TOR-2018-02911; USGC

Overview of Government and Industry Specifications and Standards for Additive Manufacturing by D. Witkin; TOR-2018-02545; USG

Space Domain Mission Assurance Ontology by E. Ryan; TOR-2018-01409; PR

Guidance for the Development and Qualification of Additive Manufacturing by M. O’Brien and A. Kabe; TOR-2018-02676; USGC

Space Power Heritage Study Final Results by M. Hayhurst et al.; ATR-2018-02688; PR

2018 Space System Additive Manufacturing Technical Workshop by A. Hoheb et al.; ATR-2019-00163; USGC


December 2018 Issue

Space Collaboration Council by G. Johnson-Roth et al.; TOR-2018-02592; USGC

Space and Launch Requirements Addendum to AS91000, Quality Management Systems by R. Moorehead et al.; TR-RS-2018-00028; PR

Mission Assurance Baseline (MAB) Version 2.9 by N. Lao et al.; ATR-2018-01658; USGC

Program Office Guidance for Acquisition of Systems Developed Using Agile Software Development by D. Houston et al.; ATR-2018-00552; PR

The Handbook for the Prevention of Plasma Arcing in Spacecraft by D. Landis; TOR-2018-01805; USGC

Congested Space Issues: Effect on Launch Collision Avoidance by G. Peterson et al.; TOR-2018-01875; USGC

Neural Networks: An Educated Buyer's Guide by P. Slingerland; TOR-2018-01921; USGC

Smart Manufacturing and Space Systems by J. Juranek et al.; TOR-2018-02099; USGC

Systems Integration: The Path to Successful Program Execution by S. Aldana-Gutierrez et al.; TOR-2018-02374; USGC

Systems Integration: The Overlooked Program Office Role by G. Larsen; TOR-2018-02451; USGC

System Integration Best Practices by G. Larsen et al.; TOR-2018-02628; USGC

Assessment of the High-Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Inconel 718 Prepared by Selective Laser Melting by D. Witkin et al.; TOR-2018-01620; USG

Additive Manufacturing Prototype Lifecycle Model by M. Nguyen et al.; TOR-2016-03334; USG


September 2018 Issue

Software Development Standard Tailoring Guidance for Enterprise Service Based Environments by S. Rosemergy et al.; TOR-2017-02019; USGC

Interpretation of SMC-S-016 Thermal Testing Requirements for Spacecraft Units by J. Welch; TOR-2018-00317; PR

Introduction to Agile Development by T. McArthur et al.; TOR-2018-00561; USGC

Dimensional Measurements of an Additive Manufacturing Feature Demonstration Article by D. Witkin et al.; TOR-2018-01096; USGC

Launch Vehicle Mission and Process Reliability Estimation by S. Guarro; TOR-2018-01912; USGC

2018 Emerging Small Launch Vehicle Systems by K. Chou et al.; TOR-2018-01391; USGC

Dead Bus Recovery Handbook for Earth Orbiting Spacecraft by D. Landis; TOR-2018-00319; USGC

PR = For public release
USG = Approved for release to U.S. Government Agencies
USGC = U.S. Government Agencies and their Contractors

Aerospace papers may be obtained by contacting the Aerospace Library at [email protected]. Please include proof of identity for any papers not specifically labeled "for public release."

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