STEM Tours for K-12 Students

There’s no better way to introduce students to the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields than to tour the place where it is all happening—The Aerospace Corporation! Our K-12 STEM tours are always informative, interactive, and fun because they are created especially with students in mind.

Dr. Nahum Melamed STEM Tour
Dr. Nahum Melamed  shares information about planetary defense with a group of elementary school students.

Aerospace partners with K-12 schools to give kids the opportunity to experience a day in the life at The Aerospace Corporation. Students will be exposed to exciting instructional demonstrations, and they will also gain many fun, interactive experiences. Some possibilities on STEM tours at Aerospace include: virtual reality demonstrations, robotic challenges, and even the possibility of witnessing a simulated rocket launch. Each tour is a little different, depending upon the availability of our experts and our facilities on the day that you book your tour with us.

Our hope is that students will be encouraged to pursue formal studies in the STEM disciplines after witnessing the application of STEM knowledge to real-world problems. We hope our visiting students will come back to Aerospace in the future to pursue a career!

St. Bernard STEM Tour
A group of St. Bernard High School students look on as Aerospace scientists discuss their careers during a STEM tour.


St. Barnard STEM Tour in STARS
St. Bernard High School students try their hand at what it is like to give the “Go for Launch!” code in the Aerospace Mission Operations Center.

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