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Calling all STEM explorers! Do you have a passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and want to learn more? Aerospace has collected lectures from several top scientists at Aerospace and universities around the country and will be sharing them here. The topics cover a range of science and engineering disciplines that will inspire students to continue their discovery of STEM. 

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Evolution and the Origin of Life

Do you wonder how life evolved from the formation of the Earth and Moon to the creation of amino acids and proteins? Hear from Dr. Loren Williams, professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, to learn about the Center for the Origin of Life and how evolution has led to simple and complex life forms.
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The Future of Drones

Explore the world of unmanned aerial vehicles with Dr. Sylvia Kohn-Rich, senior project leader here at Aerospace. Learn about the drones you know…and the exciting other drones that were secret, as well as how drones are changing our world.
Astronaut in Space over Earth

Astronaut Training and Space Exploration

Celebrate the launch of our STEM Explorers program and learn all about Astronaut Training and Space Exploration with Dr. Larry DeLucas. This recorded presentation covers Larry's time in space and the discoveries of space exploration!
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Space 101

Be a STEM explorer and learn all about space with Dr. Angie Bukley, principal engineer/scientist here at Aerospace. Watch this video to learn all about space and the fundamentals of orbits, space debris, satellites, launch vehicles, and ground systems. This presentation is a part of the STEM Explorers program created by Dr. Larry DeLucas and sponsored by The Aerospace Corporation.
Penguins on Ice

Exploring the South Pole

Listen to the Exploring the South Pole lecture presented by Dr. James McClintock from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. This presentation is a part of the STEM Explorers program, created by Dr. Larry DeLucas and sponsored by The Aerospace Corporation.

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