Space Policy Webinar: Launch Uncertainty

According to deployment milestones for proposed satellite constellations approved by the FCC in 2018, approximately 13,000 satellites need to be launched over the next nine years. How will that demand be met, and what will be the consequences of delays?

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In 2018, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved several proposals for constellations of satellites that will operate in non-geostationary-satellite orbits (NGSO) to provide services such as global broadband internet. The associated FCC deployment milestones mean that approximately 13,000 satellites need to be launched over the next nine years.

This webinar, featuring Dr. Grant Cates, addresses the number of satellites that may need to be launched, the potential launch availability challenges, the inevitability of launch delays, and the resulting consequences. Dr. Cates will also discuss techniques for managing launch delay risk and suggestions for policies to enhance viability of NGSO constellations.

This is an interactive webinar, so viewers are encouraged to pose questions and comments to Dr. Cates. To take full advantage of this discussion, please review Launch Uncertainty: Implications for Large Constellations by Dr. Cates and other authors.

Speaker bio
Dr. Grant Cates’ career in space launch spans four decades including launch complex activation, launch vehicle development and operations, and spacecraft integration. He has written many papers on launch campaign analysis. His many awards include the National Intelligence Medal of Achievement and the NASA Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal.

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