An Out-of-This-World Celebration

Aerospace helped share the wonders of space at an Apollo 11 celebration at the California Science Center.
Aerospace hosted a popular booth at the California Science Center's Apollo 11 celebration.

Whether you’re launching a Saturn V to carry astronauts to the moon or using straws to propel a rocket on a slightly less grand trajectory, the fundamental physics are the same.

Thousands of visitors to the California Science Center Apollo 11 celebration got a hands on lesson in Newton’s Third Law and the power of thrust as they launched straw rockets with the help of Aerospace volunteers.

Aerospace’s booth was a popular destination throughout the day for the more than 14,000 guests who attended the event, providing fun, interactive ways for people of all ages to learn more about the science behind our country’s space programs.

This article was featured in the Aerospace 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.