From Our Board of Trustees: Aerospace’s Commitment to Racial Justice

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For 60 years, The Aerospace Corporation has supported the national security mission in service of a higher purpose: To preserve the democratic values and aspirations our country was created to advance, and to promote liberty, opportunity and equal justice under law.

The events of the past weeks bring urgent attention to the continuing injustices that have harmed Black communities across our country for generations. We share in the grief, fear and suffering felt across our country following the needless deaths of George Floyd and so many Black men and women before him.

We must acknowledge and confront the lingering effects of racism and we stand in solidarity with the growing movement across our country calling for change by affirming that Black Lives Matter.

Our corporation can and must do more to support our Black colleagues in the workplace and in the communities where they live, as called for by our core values. We must redouble our efforts to nurture the next generation of scientists and engineers, and to ensure every child, no matter their background, is given the opportunity to succeed to their fullest potential.

The Aerospace Board of Trustees is committed to increasing the diversity of our membership and in Aerospace’s corporate leadership; to seeking out further opportunities to support our employees in service to communities where they work and live; and to continuing to engage in dialogue around racial equality inside our company and in the places we do business.

Our country was founded in pursuit of a more perfect Union and we are committed to that process of continuous striving and improvement. Our strength is in the talent and diversity of our people. As a corporation, we cannot be satisfied until the value of each individual is respected and their contributions embraced. The Aerospace Corporation remains steadfastly committed to mission success across our nation’s space enterprise, and to fulfilling the obligations and aspirations of our democracy.

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