EV Chargers at Aerospace

In another example of how Aerospace is working to make a better future, employees get a charge—quite literally—by plugging in their electric or hybrid vehicles when they arrive at work.
car at charger

“Fill ‘er up!”—right where you work.

Whether their baby is known as “Betsy,” “MOMobile,” “Phantom,” “Bobbypins,” or “The Mammoth,” Aerospace employees can now conveniently charge their electric or hybrid cars.

Aerospace has 25 charging stations with 50 ports (2 per charger), installed in June 2018 for those employees working in El Segundo. Aerospace has also been monitoring electrical energy consumption and has engaged in three initiatives this year:

Reducing Energy Use

Aerospace headquarters has continued its nine-year trend toward reducing its electrical energy use. In 2018, electrical consumption was reduced by another two percent overall. This is attributed to numerous energy conservation and efficiency programs, including the LED lamp program and use of newer, more efficient system equipment and motors.

Monitoring Energy Use

Another efficiency improvement in 2018, the installation of submeters, provides the ability to monitor energy usage in individual campus buildings. Submeters enable Aerospace to identify energy savings opportunities by collecting more accurate localized metrics, and establishes a baseline against which new initiatives will be measured. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

Studying Battery Solutions

This year, Aerospace has also been studying a battery solution to reduce our peak energy demands in hopes of implementing a solution next year. “Peak demand” is when electricity usage on the energy grid is at its highest and when energy users need to reduce their usage the most—due to the exorbitant strain placed on the electricity network and resultant power outages. The good news is that reducing peak energy demand can lead to significant energy cost savings as well as vastly benefit the overall grid.

This article was featured in the Aerospace 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.