Dedicated to the Mission

Aerospace’s business ethics are the cornerstone of our core values of objectivity and integrity. This commitment to our core values is critical to addressing the evolving demands of the space enterprise and fostering a safe and thriving workplace.
Aerospace employees in a meeting.

At Aerospace, trust is our greatest resource.

It’s why customers rely on Aerospace for unbiased technical expertise, why suppliers engage with our programs  without fear of favoritism and why employees can come to work knowing they’ll be treated with integrity. 

This trust is built on a foundation of ethical conduct that stretches back decades to the origins of the company and its special role as national security space partner free from conflicts of interest.

While these ethical principles are codified through rules, laws and practices, it’s our workforce that embodies them on a daily basis by holding themselves and their coworkers accountable to the highest standards of conduct.

Aerospace takes great effort to provide a safe, healthy work environment where all employees are given the opportunity to flourish.

We are committed to equal opportunity for our employees and to a workplace free from any form of harassment based on race, sex, age, color, creed, religion, physical challenge, national origin, veteran status, or any other form of behavior contrary to the fundamental human dignity of the individual.