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Small Satellite Reliability Initiative (SSRI) Knowledge Based Tool: Use Case Review and Future Functionality and Content Direction
Sunday, Aug. 7, 2022, 9 a.m. MT

  • Catherine Venturini – The Aerospace Corporation
  • Robbie Robertson – Sedaro Technologies
  • Craig Burkhead, Bruce Yost – NASA Ames Research Center
  • Michael Johnson – NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Development and Deployment of Remotely Operable Optical Communication Terminals: Flight Operations of Two Rapidly Assembled CubeSats with Commercial Infrared Cameras: The Rogue-Alpha, Beta Program
Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2022 5:30 p.m. MT

  • Rudd Johnson, Josef Wicker, Andrew Lin, Erik Dillingham, Paul Le, Jairo Esquival, Darren Rowen – The Aerospace Corporation

DiskSat: Demonstration Mission for a Two-Dimensional Satellite Architecture: HyPer – A Green Monopropellant for Small Satellite Propulsion
Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2022, 10:45 a.m. MT

  • Richard Welle, Catherine Venturini, Davisd Hinkley, Joseph Gangestad – The Aerospace Corporation
  • Roger Hunter, Chad Frost, Christopher Baker – NASA Space Technology Mission Directorate

Remote Sensing Experiments Using the Rogue Alpha/Beta CubeSats as a Constellation: High Frame Rate Environmental Observations from Agile, Taskable, Infrared and Visible Sensors in Low Earth Orbit
Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2:30 pm MT

  • Dee Pack, Pradeep Thiyanaratnam, Tom Freeze, Patrick Johnson, Brian Hardy, John Santiago, Jon Mauerhan, Lynette Gelinas, Cameron Purcell – The Aerospace Corporation

Multiconfiguration Loads Analysis for Missions with Uncertain Rideshare Manifest: The DiskSat: A Two-Dimensional Containerized Satellite
Thursday, Aug. 11, 8:15 am MT

  • Erik Mellquist, Barbara Braun - The Aerospace Corporation


Adaptive: Visualization Tool for the Future NASA Geodynamics Constellation Mission

Thursday, Aug. 11, 2022

  • Doug Rowland – NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Rebeccca Bishop, Tad Gielow, Alan Quan, Caroline Jones, Jehosafat Cabrere-guzman – The Aerospace Corporation