Bridging Connections Across the Space Enterprise

The Aerospace Corporation is working across the space enterprise, partnering with national space agencies, commercial providers and international allies to identify end-to-end mission needs and to deliver innovative and integrated solutions at the speed of relevance.
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Commercial Space Futures

Aerospace is committed to advancing and accelerating the application of U.S. commercial space capabilities for the benefit of government customers through its Commercial Space Futures Office.

Why Digital Engineering Is Essential to the Future of Space

Aerospace is advancing the concepts, capabilities, and strategies that leverage an integrated digital approach, enabling opportunities to rethink what's possible when solving the hardest problems of the modern space enterprise.
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The Space Safety Institute at The Aerospace Corporation

Aerospace is establishing a Space Safety Institute to deliver independent technical support and assessments to enhance the safety of space and space-related activities for government, commercial, and international customers.
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Slingshot Platform Fast-Tracks Space Systems Using Modularity and Open Standards

Aerospace's Slingshot looks to advance on-orbit experiments using modular and autonomous technologies on next-generation satellite systems. The CubeSat platform aligns with the principles of Continuous Production Agility (CPA), which leverages increased production and launch tempo rates, interoperability standards and open architecture to enable greater agility and resiliency for space systems.

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