Robert Unverzagt

Robert M. Unverzagt

Principal Director Civil and Commercial Launch Projects


Robert M. Unverzagt currently serves as principal director of the Civil and Commercial Launch Projects Subdivision at The Aerospace Corporation, where he is responsible for all corporate civil and commercial launch activities. He has developed and managed work for NASA, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), commercial spaceports, and other commercial and international

Prior to this position at Aerospace, Unverzagt led the group responsible for corporate oversight of mission management, launch system to satellite integration, and launch base processing for NRO satellites. In the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle Division, he worked mission
integration of Air Force and NRO satellites, covering launch service execution, mission management, and special studies. In Aerospace’s Engineering and Technology Group, he performed launch vehicle performance studies, flight mechanics and mission design analyses, optimal trajectory shaping, and mission operations planning.

Previously, Unverzagt was employed at TRW, where he was responsible for analysis and assessment of an extensive customer mission requirements database for a Space Station satellite servicing facility.


Unverzagt earned a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Notre Dame and a master’s degree in aerospace engineering from UCLA.

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