Innovation at Aerospace

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Hive Satellites Redefine Disaggregation

Built and assembled like Legos in space, Hive’s innovation is built on the concept of disaggregated satellites. Hives are mass-producible, multi-functional satellite units that are put in orbit to build large structures. These units can interlock and work with one another, perform various functions, and even repair themselves.
Aerospace is promoting best practices to increase the reliability and repeatability of space components produced via additive manufacturing.

Additive Manufacturing of Space Components

Components made via additive manufacturing could help reduce the cost and enhance the capability of future space systems. Aerospace is spearheading efforts to certify and qualify additive manufacturing parts, materials, and processes.
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Brane Craft Wins NASA Award

Aerospace’s role as an industry leader in supporting government and commercial customers in space debris management has been further cemented through the awarding of the 2017 NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Phase II award to Dr. Siegfried Janson for the Brane Craft, his innovative concept for removing space debris.