Commercial Space Futures (For Companies and Investors) - Fact Sheet

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The Aerospace Corporation (Aerospace) is working across our US Government space agencies, commercial industry, and private investment communities to achieve these goals by identifying, connecting, and aligning commercial solutions with current and emerging national needs. Through our Commercial Space Futures Office, we bring our deep technical expertise and independent insight to facilitate government access to commercial space capabilities and incorporate these technologies into U.S. space programs.

Building and Maintaining Relationships with Commercial Companies and Investor

  • Communicate government technology needs and investment priorities to support
    company fundraising efforts and investor evaluation of portfolio company value
  • Understand market sector and technology area landscapes to influence government
    investments and acquisition decisions
  • Communicate threat insights to support the secure development and protection of
    company IP – thus protecting portfolio value and maintaining a strong, resilient US and
    allied nation space innovation base
  • Become a trusted partner by supporting capital-efficient market development through
    licensing of Aerospace-developed basic and applied research, as well as providing
    access to laboratories, testbeds, and proving grounds for early-stage companies