Space Policy Webinar: Competing Schools of Operational Thought in National Security Space

Date & Time
November 20, 2019 10:00 am - 11:00 am Eastern Time
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How can identifying distinct schools of thought in space allow us to better understand the choices being made today about how to organize and fund space for national security?

This webinar, featuring Russell Rumbaugh, will discuss six schools of operational thought in national security space being advanced today by a small group of experts, who themselves are divided on what is most important about space in achieving U.S. national security.

This is an interactive webinar, so attendees are encouraged to pose questions and comments to Mr. Rumbaugh. To take full advantage of this discussion, please review his paper, What Place for Space: Competing Schools of Operational Thought in Space.

Speaker bio
Russell Rumbaugh is a systems director for the Center for Space Policy and Strategy at The Aerospace Corporation, where he is responsible for conducting projects and research on how institutional defense policy affects U.S. operations in space, and has led projects on the history of acquisition reform and reorganization of the Director of National Intelligence. Rumbaugh is a recognized expert on the institutions, processes, and budgets of U.S. national security because of his practical, scholarly, and operational experience.

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