Dedicated to the Space Enterprise

The Aerospace Corporation, a federally funded research and development center (FFRDC), is the trusted technical advisor to the government on complex space enterprise problems—providing disciplinary continuity, unique capabilities, and foundational knowledge to shape this new era of space.
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Aerospace is a nonprofit corporation that operates an FFRDC for the United States Space Force. It was created in 1960 in response to a period of rapid growth in space technologies, when advances in space defined the cutting edge.

The corporation responds with agility to the unique challenges posed by national security space requirements, delivering well-defined, innovative solutions that assure mission success. Relying on its cutting-edge tools and facilities, a vast repository of space-system knowledge and experience, and—most importantly—the technical expertise of its people, Aerospace provides unsurpassed levels of support to both immediate and long-term military and intelligence space programs and other programs of national significance.

FFRDCs fill a unique role in service to the government and the nation. Along with commercial industry and academia, FFRDCs support government science, engineering and technology development. FFRDCs do not compete with industry and do not manufacture products, thus eliminating conflict of interest and enabling them to work with industry on important problems. FFRDCs operate as strategic partners with their sponsoring government agencies to ensure the highest levels of objectivity and technical excellence.

Today, we find ourselves in another period of rapid innovation. Our customers and the nation look to the Aerospace FFRDC to be an innovation leader by addressing emergent threats, leveraging commercial-sector developments, and continuing to find new ways to utilize space for the public good.