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The Aerospace Corporation supports the development of space-centric cybersecurity technology and standards utilizing defense-in-depth techniques for space systems to ensure their resiliency to cyber intrusions. It is critical to ensure that robust security principles are present for legacy and modern space system designs and that defense-in-depth techniques are applied throughout the space enterprise.

Leveraging depth and breadth in understanding space and ground systems, Aerospace continues to evolve our research as the threat environment becomes more complex. We innovate in particularly challenging or distinct areas, determining risk and exposure of discovered vulnerabilities and ensuring that assessments include the use of real attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures and are threat-informed.

Aerospace’s Cybersecurity and Advanced Platforms Subdivision (CAPS) employs virtualization and managed networking to enable rapid setup of a variety of test infrastructures, tailorable to customer environments and needs.

CAPS has a robust assessment and testing approach for ground systems and networks to test cyber resiliency using threat-informed tactics, techniques, and procedures that focus on all segments of the space architecture, including ground software, spacecraft design, space systems, and the supply chain.

CAPS utilizes diverse lab resources across the Aerospace enterprise to create innovative solutions for our space enterprise and other critical DoD infrastructures by:

  • Emulating all segments of space architecture – including front-end processors, spacecraft telemetry simulators, and flat sats – to enable realistic test scenarios.
  • Analyzing various attack scenarios to demonstrate offensive and defensive space cyber capabilities.
  • Producing high-quality technical analysis, deliverables, strategies, and technical insertions on a consistent basis for all our customers, increasing the cyber maturity of programs.
  • Developing innovative cyber techniques and prototypes across the spacecraft and ground enterprise level using our expansive laboratory capabilities and large demonstration portfolio.

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